Why having your smartphone stolen is a good thing

Yup, I got mine stolen by some sneaky bastard.

To cover my ass, I had no choice but to complete password resetting of various services, pretty much like the hassle of reporting to card centers when you have lost your wallet. It was just much of a trouble.

BUT.. think of the bright side.

1. Resetting your passwords regularly is a good security measure.

2. The thief could be suffering from severe injury done by the explosion of lithium battery. It could be me if I am still holding the smartphone on my hands.

3. Reducing usage of electronic devices is always a good idea of eyes relief.

4. The stolen phone could be on the hands of someone who really need it.

5. Less is more, now I can care less because I have 1 less thing to care about. YEAH!

Well, to some extend, I believe in Karma. I could possibly have done something not-so-good previously and therefore I had to face the “consequence” today.

It is all good.

I have learned a good lesson today.

All is well.


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