How Much Is Your Facebook Data Worth? A Can of Pepsi, Right?


The concept is simple: Like Pepsi on Facebook and get a free can of Pepsi from a space-age vending machine that doesn’t accept money — it only accepts Facebook Likes. It’s a great marketing stunt, no?

Apparently it was rolled out at a Beyoncé concert in Belgium, where the “free” Pepsi machine was mobbed by Facebook users in short order. People could link their smartphones to the vending machine to get their loot or, if they didn’t have smartphones, could actually log into their Facebook accounts directly from the machine’s touchscreen. Outstanding.

“And thanks to this new way of sampling, we know exactly who liked, tried and enjoyed an ice-cold Pepsi,” says the narrator in the above video.

As CNET’s Amanda Kooser notes, “The touchscreen and free sodas are certainly a draw, but the Pepsi Like Machine is all about collecting data. The free samples no longer just disappear…

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